Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 6


“Where’s Nick?” AJ asked when he clocked in for work. The store was under renovations and everything was a mess. The lobby was closed during the construction so employees had to use the back door to go in out of the store. Only the drive thru was open.

“He is working in another store now.” Kevin replied as he walked past. AJ was a little saddened that Nick had been gone for about a week now, ever since the construction started. He missed him a lot and wasn’t even into picking on Brian like he normally did.

“Are you ok, AJ? You haven’t even called me chicken butt today!” Brian said when he saw AJ stirring the beef absent-mindedly.

“I just miss him…its not the same without Kaos….I hope he didn’t get fired for the door thing.” he said softly.

“Kev said he’s working in another store, didn’t you hear him?”

“The last time this happened, they never came back, Brian. I don’t want him to get fired. I was the one who broke the bathroom.” AJ said.

“He will be back.” Brian assured him, patting him on the back. The construction was going on for a few weeks and it seemed to take longer than expected. During this time they were allowed to listen to whatever station they wanted on the satellite radio. This sparked a few fights between Brian, who wanted country music…and AJ, who wanted the rock station. One night they argued until Kevin had enough and put the love music station on so they would stop fighting.

“I’m all out of love…I’m so lost without you..” AJ sang in dramatic tones as Brian laughed.

“Nick would have loved this,” Brian pointed out.

“I talked to him the other day.” AJ said as they made a large order.

“What did he say? Is he coming back?” Brian wondered with excitement.

“He wouldn’t tell me why they transferred him but he misses us and hopes to be back eventually. I hope so, because someone has to help me pick on your ass.” AJ laughed, throwing a potato at him.

“You love me, just admit it.” Brian teased.

“Go lie down!” AJ shouted and Kevin laughed.

“I miss Nick too.” he confessed, rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

“Ohhh Mr. Taco Nazi misses Carter? The one who said Nick would not last two weeks here?” AJ asked with a big smile.

“He got much better. Don’t forget he trained both of you and he is my best closer.” Kevin said.

“Yeah, he did. He is a good trainer.” Brian agreed.

“Well don’t be surprised if when he comes back things are gonna be different around here.” Kevin said seriously before heading into the office. Brian and AJ looked at each other and simply shrugged their shoulders in confusion, wondering what he meant by that. Just after thanksgiving, the store re opened and it was very busy when all of a sudden Nick walked in.

“Kaos!!” AJ exclaimed, giving him a big hug. Everybody greeted him, but there was something different. He was wearing a manager’s uniform.

“What’s with the shirt?” Brian asked as Nick punched in for his shift.

“Oh..remember that night that AJ broke the bathroom?” Nick asked, laughing as AJ scowled.

“Yes, and?” he grunted.

“Well, Kevin was teaching me how to count the deposit and he said I handled that situation so well he knew I was ready for a promotion. I have actually been in training for a while, I just didn’t tell you guys about it.” Nick explained while tying his tie.

“That’s why you got transferred?” Brian asked.

“Pretty much. I was over there learning some stuff and I had to take a class before they could promote me. So now I’m a full manager, I can run shifts.” Nick told them. He was so happy about the promotion and that Kevin had so much faith in him, he let him run the shift on such a busy day, Black Friday. As usual, Brian and AJ were arguing…this time about the music.

“AJ, go for a cigarette. Brian, I’m not changing the station.” Nick said as he put on gloves. He was going to like this new responsibility.


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