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Chapter 2


I had waited a few weeks before trying the other site I found….Ok Cupid. This time my name was Nathan Crawford. I browsed some profiles and messaged a few but one girl caught my eye. Her name was Bridget. We began chatting and found out we had a lot in common. I realized Valentine’s Day was coming so I asked her to meet me at a diner. I didn’t want a repeat of the Melissa incident, so I chose something small where I wouldn’t be recognized, a place a bit out of the way.

I had told her to wear red so I could notice her better without thinking that on Valentine’s Day every girl would be wearing the same color. However, by the time I’d realized it was too late. I showed up to the diner at quarter to seven…..I wasn’t expecting her for another fifteen minutes at least. Not many people were in the diner itself, just an older couple and a mother with a crying baby….it was definitely a small place. I stopped looking around and decided to have a seat. I chose a booth and a smiling young waitress named Hannah took my order.

“What’ll ya have, sir?” she asked, popping the piece of gum in her mouth.

“Iced Tea with lemon, please.” I replied.

“Are you expecting someone or will that be all for now, sir?”

“She won’t be here for a while. Just the drink for now will be fine, miss.”

After Hannah walked away I tapped my fingers together and adjusted my tie again, checking my reflection in the side of the metal napkin holder. It wad blurry but I looked okay enough to sit back into the cushion of the booth. I wasn’t sure why I was so nervous, I’d been on dates before. I wasn’t that out of practice.

The door of the diner jingled softly and I looked up to see the older couple leaving hand in hand. I smiled at them, wondering if I’d ever be like that one day. Hannah brought me the iced tea and I sipped at it, smiling until she left. When she was out of view, I grabbed some sugar packets and began to dump them in….I liked my tea very sweet. I looked at my watched as I stirred the iced tea, the straw racing rapidly against the edge of the glass.

She was running late now.

I sighed as I heard the door again and looked up. This time it was a man in a business suit. I began to get impatient and took a napkin….tearing it into bits out of boredom. It was a habit I had acquired during meetings with the fellas, something Howie was always annoyed by, but I didn’t care. Howie wasn’t here.

Neither was Bridget. Hannah had come again and I told her to wait a bit longer for my order, she seemed annoyed this time.

“This is stupid.” I muttered. I had Hannah bring me the check and I paid the bill, deciding I’d wait a few more minutes. It was going on 7:30 and she hadn’t shown yet. It was happening again. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be in love again. Was I doomed to troll the internet for other desperate singles for the rest of my life?

As this last thought occurred to me, the door jingled once more. I was surprised to see Nick walking in. He smelled faintly of chili dogs and cigarette smoke, his hair untidy. He wore jeans and a black shirt, a denim jacket over it.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he asked, looking mildly surprised.

“I was gonna ask you the same. I thought you had a date tonight too. What are you doing here, Nick?” I wondered. He sat across from me, a smirk playing at his lips.

“I’m meeting someone here, but she never showed.”

“Nick Carter, stood up? Never thought that would happen.” I replied, raising an eyebrow at him. I figured by now he and his date would have their clothes scattered across some random hotel room floor.

“I was thinking the same about you. I thought any girl would jump at the chance to date you. You would think she’d show up on time.” he muttered. “Guess I was wrong, huh?” I said angrily, resting my hand under my chin in defeat. Nick copied my actions in a sarcastic manner, that grin on his face again.

“What was her name?” he asked as he batted his eyelashes at me.


I took out another napkin and was halfway through tearing it up when he began giggling like an idiot.

“What’s so funny?”

“I’m Bridget.” he said, holding out his hand for me to shake.

“Excuse me?”

“I’m Bridget Larson. Brian, you’re Nathan….aren’t you? On Ok Cupid?” he chuckled. I was livid, what the hell had he been thinking?

“How do you know this? I didn’t tell you about Ok Cupid.” I said in disbelief. He glanced behind me before continuing. It then occurred to me he had chosen my initials and I’d chosen his….NC and BL….it was too ironic.

“I made a fake profile on there to fuck with AJ at New Year’s when he and Ro were fighting. Remember, when they’d broken up for like two weeks? I was screwing around.” he explained quickly. I thought about this and decided he would be the one to pull off such a prank.

“So now what? Am I supposed to date you?” I asked, smirking.

“You know you love me. I’m irresistible.”

“Okay, Romeo. Where are we going?” I asked, hitting him playfully as we left the diner. Part of me wondered if Bridget had been real if we would have hit it off. Nick and I began talking about our plans for the evening and I decided it wouldn’t be so bad hanging with him instead. Maybe I could be single for a little longer. There was plenty of time for relationships.


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