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untitled prologue


“Fucking beautiful.” she said, rolling over in the backseat of her car, feeling the cold drops of water invade her makeshift bed. This was the last place she ever expected to end up. She was supposed to be married and have that house with the picket fence…..the kind she dreamed of since she was young.

Sleeping in her car was definitely not on her agenda. Not at all.

Breanne patched up the hole in the roof of her car with some duct tape, sighing. She’d have to work in two hours, so she figured she might as well have to stay awake anyway.

Duct tape was one of the things she could rely on these days, even while her car was giving her problems. She was totally on her own but managed. Breanne looked into the cracked mirror taped to the back of the headrest, brushing her black hair out of her face. Sighing again, she thought once more about how she ended up here.

It was Nick Carter’s fault and even his name made her angry…..she was glad he couldn’t see her now.


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