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Chapter 1


“Wow, its really storming out there.” Nick muttered as he looked out the window of his tour bus. The BSB tour bus was traveling through Florida and rain fell in blinding sheets against the glass. Brian was sleeping in the bunk nearby, and the others were watching movies in the back.

“Only Brian could sleep through something like this.” Nick sighed, reading his comic book and stretched out his legs…feeling sleepy. All of a sudden the wind howled and the rain sounded like hail. Nick looked up and there were little pellets of ice banging against the window.

“Guys, get up….we have to get off this bus! There is a tornado headed this way….we have to take shelter!” Kevin’s voice boomed, his feet pounding as he ran down the aisle. Nick heard the faint whistle of a tornado siren.

“Dude, put down the comic book and go!” AJ startled him, Nick felt his arm almost being pulled out of his socket.

“Brian’s still sleeping…” Nick shouted, pointing frantically. They could barely walk once they were outside…the wind was so strong it could have blown them away. Nick looked at the dark sky and shivered. Ominous black clouds hung low over them and the rain fell like needles against their skin.

“WHERE IS BRIAN?” Kevin screamed over the sirens.

“He’s still asleep!” Howie answered, his hand trying desperately to hold his hair in place. Nick shook his head at him, god forbid hair number 47 was not in its position.

“Nick, don’t go back in there!” AJ yelled as Nick ran back onto the bus. He heard Tyke barking frantically. Nick searched everywhere but did not find Brian. Instead he scooped up the tiny dog and headed back to the front of the bus. He stepped off but did not see the other boys anywhere.

“Where the hell did they go?” he wondered briefly. The wind almost knocked him to the ground, his blonde hair in his eyes as he tried to walk. He was almost around the corner of the bus when he saw it….a large black funnel headed towards him. Tyke was barking in his ear and growling.

“I know, I see it!” Nick shouted to nobody in particular. The tornado was almost right on top of him, he could feel it trying to pull him closer. Nick grabbed onto the door of the tour bus and pulled himself on with his free hand. He dropped the dog and climbed on before shutting the door.

“This is not good…” Nick mumbled softly when the bus lurched forward. He fell to his feet but managed to stand again. The bus shook once more and Nick looked out the window….he was inside the funnel. The bus was being shaken like a martini. Tyke was whimpering under the bunk, and Nick knew he had to find somewhere to hide. He ran the length of the bus towards his bunk but suddenly a large object whacked him in the head and he lay unconscious on the floor. The bus shook for some time after that until it bounced as if it had finally came to rest. Everything that had not been tied or bolted down was all over the floor.

“Fucking Christ,” he said once he came to, rubbing his head. Howie’s hair care products were all over him. Nick slowly got up and wiped the blood off of his forehead, standing up shakily. Tyke had come out of his hiding spot and was running around the floor of the bus as Nick wandered to the bathroom. The bus seemed to be intact, but the windows were all broken. After cleaning himself up a bit, Nick decided to wander off of the bus and at least find out where he had ended up if anywhere. His head was killing him, and he was a little dizzy as he walked to the door and stepped out. What shocked him was what he saw.

“Tyke….we are definitely not in Florida anymore.” he mutterred, his mouth hanging open. Wherever he was, Nick knew he must be dreaming.


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