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Chapter 9


“Remember, they’ll say anything to make you doubt yourself.” – Toy Story 3

I didn’t sleep well the night before Kevin brought me back to campus. I kept dreaming of police sirens and ambulances…..the memories were coming back more now than before and I wanted to get back to school so they’d stop. I hardly talked about that night because it was too painful. On the way to campus I was quiet, watching the road outside.

“I guess the next time I’ll see you is for Christmas, eh kiddo?” Kevin asked. We got to the dorm before Brian….who was driving from Kentucky. I’d messaged him on AIM from home before we left to make sure he was ok, but Kevin needed to use the phone and I got kicked off the computer. He didn’t say much but that he would see me soon.

“Kevin, we should invite Brian and his mom for Christmas.” I suggested without really thinking about it.

“I don’t know…..I could talk to Jackie about it, but her husband doesn’t really like me……we’ll see, okay? Just keep in touch is all I ask. Stay out of trouble.” Kevin smiled. I smiled back, it felt good to be back on campus.

We had gotten there on Saturday so I still had an extra day of no classes. Brian got there late, around dinner time. I’d gotten some sandwiches in case he was hungry when he got in.

“Hey, Sheriff.” I said, and he laughed.

“You still calling me that, Nick? How was your holiday?” he asked.

“Good. Did you know your mom and my dad went to college with Kevin? I can’t believe it.” I told him. He looked at me, his face kinda stunned, like I’d dropped a bomb.

“Really? My mom never mentioned college.” he said, grabbing a turkey sandwich and taking a bite. This was really weird. I wish I had gotten more information than what Kevin gave me. Part of me wondered just how close my dad and Brian’s mom were.

“She was friends with Bob but that’s as much as I know. She didn’t know your mom well, just kept in touch with him sometimes.” Brian explained.

“I see. Hey, I know this is a random question, but who is your favorite Disney princess?” I asked, remembering my mental note.

“Definitely Princess Aurora.” he smiled.


“Okay, well I think Jasmine is hotter.” I protested. Aladdin was a lucky bastard.

“Yeah she isn’t bad, but I like blondes.” he chuckled.

“So what did you see in Marisol then?” I asked. I saw her around campus, she was an exotic looking girl, half Spanish and half Italian.

“She came onto me. Nothing compared to my girlfriend in high school. Didn’t you have someone in school too?” Brian asked. I thought about it….I never actually had a real relationship before.

“No, I mean there were girls I liked, but I want into dating any of them. I kept to myself a lot.” I confessed.

“Really? I thought you would be a womanizer.”

I looked at him like he grew two heads. Where the heck does he get these crazy ideas about me? He’s the womanizer…..not me.

“Okay, I take that as a no.” he laughed.

“So what was your high school girlfriend like?”

“Her name was Samantha. She was a lot of fun, but after school we stopped talking. She went to college in New York. Haven’t heard from her since.” he said, looking a little down.

“Sorry to hear that. I’ve always wanted a relationship….but I dunno. Girls are too much work. I didn’t even go to prom.” I said. I never regretted this decision. Call me weird but dating wasn’t my forte.

“Have you at least kissed a girl?” he asked.

“Yeah, but I always wanted a kiss like in Lady And The Tramp….ya know, with the spaghetti?”

Brian pretended to vomit.

“That’s seriously nasty, and never mention that to anyone again.”

I laughed and threw my sandwich at him.

That first weekend back was calm…..the calm before the storm.

I was back into my regular routine of classes, even more homework. Brian and I had so much studying that we spent nights in our dorm with our heads buried in books.

I took a walk the week after we got back to clear my head, and I ran into Howie.

Not literally this time, I promise.

“How was your break?” he asked me. I thought this was weird…..the Pikas had pretty much rejected us after failing the scavenger hunt and the other test.

“How was your break?” he asked me. I thought this was weird…..the Pikas had pretty much rejected us after failing the scavenger hunt and the other test.

“It was ok. I went home to Orlando.” I said, stuffing my hands in my jean pockets.

“Look. We don’t normally do this, but AJ wants to give you another chance to join.” Howie whispered, putting an arm around my shoulder.

“Me? Why me? I thought you guys said we failed.” I stated. I didn’t know whether I liked him after he’d made me dress like a Spice Girl.

“You did. Majorly.” he said. I rolled my eyes and started walking, but he stopped me.

“I’m not done with you yet, Carter. AJ wants to give you another chance to join. I’m being serious.” he said with a wink.

That winking thing is starting to piss me off.

“Okay….” I replied slowly.

“There’s one catch, though. Brian can’t know about this.” he said, looking around as if Brian was going to pop out of the bushes.

“Why not?”

“The guys like you, but Littrell is dragging you down with him. He’s an embarrassment. You’re better off if you hang with us. We already saw you can do that.” Howie replied. I thought back to the beer pong night. If that was what he meant, I wasn’t sure about joining. My scholarship was too important to throw away for a frat, especially one that emphasizes on partying.

“I don’t know.” I said hesitantly, my eyes narrowed.

“We won’t take no for an answer. Just think about it. I’ll be around.” he said, patting me on the back. I watched him walk away, not even sure of what to do next. I loved living with Brian…..but what did Howie and the Pikas want with me?


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