Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 31


Nick’s eyes were fearful as Brian continued to read him his rights in the middle of the crowded airport terminal.

“Brian, please be reasonable. People are staring…” Amanda begged. Nick broke free and Brian jumped on him, tackling him to the ground as he cried out in pain.

“Stop this…..let him go!”

“He broke the law. I gotta take him in.” Brian said as he cuffed Nick’s wrists, one knee holding him down as Nick began to cry.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Brian?! Nick is your friend. This is not about him is it?” Amanda asked, frustrated with him. Nick looked at her, trembling.

“I might change my mind…if you promise not to leave Florida…”

“Amanda….” Nick said as tears fell down his cheek. Brian kneed him in the back and he cried out in pain.

“Please don’t do this.” Amanda whispered. She never meant to drag Nick into this at all. He struggled under Brian’s weight, looking terrified. Amanda didn’t want to marry Lance…she wasn’t sure what she wanted.

“Let’s go, Nick.” Brian said suddenly, picking Nick off the floor and pushing him towards the door.

“No! Brian! Let him go…”

“Please…” Nick begged, sobbing. Amanda watched Nick being dragged away by Brian, thinking.


“Yes?” Brian said as Nick struggled again.

“If I don’t stay and I leave….what then?” Amanda asked.

“Nick has a nice cell at the station waiting for him-” Brian smirked.

“This is fucking bullshit!!!” Nick interrupted angrily.

“You are only making this more difficult for yourself.” Brian told him calmly.

“No, Brian. Don’t do this to him….this was my idea not his.” Amanda said, feeling guilty. She was not about to let Nick go to jail for her own agenda.

“How would you feel if Lance ran off on your wedding day?” Brian asked.

“I would be pissed at him for not talking to me….but I tried so many times to break it off and each time he talked me out of it…” Amanda explained. Nick looked at her in surprise. He secretly wished that she would dump him and they could be together.

“You need to talk to him….I’m serious. Running away with Nick is not the answer.” Brian told her.

“Why not? It seemed like a good idea to me.” Amanda joked, but it fell flat. Brian uncuffed Nick’s hands and laughed.

“I won’t take him in, but if you so much as leave Florida….I will change my mind about arresting Nick.” he replied. Nick rubbed at his wrists and wiped his eyes, feeling relieved.

“Deal.” Amanda said, watching Brian walk away.

“Thanks for that…”

“Nick, he is right. I need to talk to Lance. What do you think?” she said, the two of them walking out of the airport.

“I….look, I just want you to be happy. Do what your heart wants…I always follow it. Lance is a jerk but he deserves to talk at least.” Nick replied, though it was difficult for him. He wished they had run away together, but deep down, he knew it wasn’t their time.


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