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Chapter 6


“Look! We’re almost there!” Nick shouted excitedly, pointing. A vast field of pink and red flowers was in front of them….but at the end the yellow path continued, leading up to a brilliant, gleaming green city.

“I didn’t think they would make it this far!” Paris shouted as she watched them in her pink crystal ball. She was furious that the boy who killed Mandy the Witch of the East had made it to Emerald City.

“That boy is more trouble than I thought he would be. I have to make sure he doesn’t get to see the Jizzle of Oz….but how?” Paris muttered, pacing back and forth.

“Ah….poppies. Perfect. Poppies will put them to sleep.” she cackled, waving her hand over the crystal ball as she watched Nick and the others crossing the field of flowers.

there.” the tin man said.

“Come on! Let’s hurry!” the scarecrow shouted happily, rubbing ahead of them. Nick followed, Tyke and the Lion trying to keep up. All of a sudden he felt very tired….his body felt heavy.

“Wait…” Nick said, slowing down halfway through the field. He didn’t know where Tyke had gone to, the little dog had vanished in the flowers.

“Come on, Nick!” the scarecrow yelled, waving. Nick stopped running and yawned, feeling tired.

“I’m so sleepy…” he said. The Lion was slowing down as well, hardly able to keep up with the others.

“Nick….what’s wrong?” the scarecrow asked. All of a sudden Nick’s legs gave out and he fell at the Tin Man’s feet. The scarecrow ran to him, trying to help him up.

“We can’t stop now, we are almost there!”

“He…fainted….” the Tin Man pointed out.

“No…he’s asleep!” the scarecrow exclaimed. Nick’s eyes were closed and he lay still in front of him, Tyke was next to him curled up on the ground.

“Maybe we should rest for a while.” the Lion yawned, winking. He fell over, almost landing on Nick.

“This is no accident…it’s the witch…it must be a spell!” the scarecrow whispered angrily. Nick and the Lion were fast asleep and not responding to anything.

“We…..could….carry…them….along.” the Tin Man suggested. The scarecrow tried to move Nick but was unsuccessful.

“This is not good. We need help! HELP!!” he shouted, but it was unlikely anybody would hear them all the way out here in the poppy field.

“HELP….” the Tin Man said stiffly, but not loud enough for anyone to hear.

“A lot of help you are. You can’t even scream.” the scarecrow scoffed. All of a sudden, it began to snow.

“What’s this? Could it help them?” he wondered. Nick’s eyes fluttered open and he stirred. Tyke got up and began to lick his face, making him laugh.

“Funny weather we are having….” the Lion said, looking like Father Christmas with snow all over his mane.

“Are you all right?” the scarecrow asked Nick once the snow stopped and they brushed themselves off.

“I think so…what hapopened?” Nick wondered, blinking.

“The witch…..put….a…”

“Yeah..yeah. Okay, save it. Look, we are almost to Emerald City….I can go home!” Nick said happily, looking at the gleaming green towers down the path. It looked just as he had imagined it would….but it was awfully bright. The four of them exited the poppy field and walked up to the large emerald gate….hoping they would find what they needed behind it.


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