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Chapter 24


“Don’t worry, buddy. I’m here for you. Everything’s gonna be okay.” – Timon (The Lion King)

Brian seemed okay at first, I mean….well, he took it better than I expected him to.

“I’m your stepbrother? Are you sure?” he asked me again, looking at me like he was trying to see if my pupils were dilated.

“Dude, I’m not high.”

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly. I dug into my backpack for the photo AJ had given me.

“Look, this is your mom and my dad during college. They dated. My dad was a real player then.” I chuckled. He shook his head as he handed it back to me, it didn’t look like he believed me.

“Maybe I should ask my mom. If this was true, they would have told me by now.”

I was afraid he would say that. I didn’t want him to find out his mom had been lying to him. He took out his phone and tried calling her, but nobody was home to my relief.

“Well, that solves that,” he said sadly, putting down his phone.

“So how about AJ’s party? We haven’t gone to one in forever.” I suggested.

“I guess we could. We’re not doing anything else today.” he said. I wheeled him over to the frat house and AJ greeted us.

“Nice to see you out and about,” he said, handing us both beers. Brian didn’t hesitate this time, he started his right away. I watched him as the party went on, he was throwing them back like he’d been drinking for years and it worried me.

“Bri, maybe you should slow down.” I suggested.

“I can stop whenever I want.” he snapped, wheeling away from me.

I sighed, this was not gonna end good.

I drank as well, but moderately so there would be someone to watch Brian. I didn’t need to lose my pants again. Halfway through our time at the frat house, AJ came over and handed me another drink, patting me on the back.

“Wow, Brian’s loosened up since he was here last.” he laughed, drinking his third beer as I started my fourth. I wasn’t feeling anything yet.

“I haven’t seen Howie around.” I commented, noticing his absence. Come to think of it, I hadn’t seen him since we came back from winter break and that was odd.

“Howie? Oh he’s gone. I kicked him out after what he did to you. He was so embarrassed that he changed colleges. He is starting in the University of Miami next semester.”

I full on belly laughed after that and to my horror I saw Brian….in his drunken state reach for his cell phone as it rang

“Hey, ma.”

“Brian!” I called but he was already on the phone with Jackie.

“No ma, I’m not drunk.” he slurred.

I scrambled to get to the phone but he was already asking her about what I had told him. Within a few moments his attitude had changed. He was full on shouting into the phone.

“FUCK YOU! No. Fuck you. Why would you fucking lie to….lie to me?” he demanded. He’d put her on speaker because he was about to drop the damn thing.

“Brian, honey I didn’t mean to lie. We wanted to tell you.”

“No….you lied to me AND Nick. How come I can’t trust my own family to tell me the truth?”

“Brian, give me the phone.” I said sternly, but he turned away from me like a child. This was suddenly a role reversal. He’d been taking care of me, and now it was my turn to take care of him so to speak. I didn’t want him to feel betrayed by his mother, although I privately agreed.

“What are you going to do with my phone?” he asked drunkenly, pouting. I almost laughed but knew better with his emotional state this way.

“I’m….I’m uh,,,gonna charge it for you. The battery is pretty low.” I said quickly. AJ whispered to me to take him back to the dorm. Brian was a mess the whole way back, half crying and saying he couldn’t trust his mother.

“Brian, please. Calm down.”

“You’re a good man, Buzz.” he mumbled stupidly.

“Thanks, Woody.”

“I don’t want to go back to the farm.” he whispered as I tried to wheel him to the shower, he was still mumbling as I carried him, his head on my chest.

And he’s fucking drooling on me. Gross!

“You don’t have to go there.” I said, turning on the water as I took off his shirt and pants.

“I’ve been wanting to move out anyway….y’know…maybe change majors. I don’t like the farm. You and I could get a place.” he continued. I didn’t know how we would afford something if we didn’t have jobs. I had a job during high school but right now I was living off what I’d saved up. I wasn’t ready to move out of Kevin’s yet.

“Sounds great but I’m not ready to live on my own yet.”

A light snoring told me he fell asleep but I turned the water on, he flailed and


I doubled over, cupping my boys….damn he has a strong kick. He kicked me with his good leg. I sat on the floor with my nuts yelling at me.

Not how I wanted to end the day, but I guess payback’s a bitch. Hopefully Brian and I could talk for real once he’d sobered up a bit.

Maybe by then I would be out of this bathroom, because I can’t see myself moving any time soon.

“Nick, I don’t feel so good.”

My eyes snapped open but my balls hurt so much I couldn’t get up. I was immobilized.

Please don’t do it Brian. For the love of Mickey!

I was suddenly covered in puke.


See what I mean?


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