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Chapter 3


It had been a long day at work….too long…Valerie mused as she drove home on Thursday. She was off work for a whole week, had taken her vacation for the concerts she was attending. There were three shows she had tickets for, the first one she had VIP for with Kristen, the second and third were for concerts she would attend alone. Valerie was not expecting her mother to be home before her.

“What are you doing in my room?” she demanded when she saw her mother in her bedroom.

“Valerie, this is my house and I can do as I please…..and I believe that you’re a little too old for this obsession of yours.” Mrs Harrington said, waving her hand at the poster of Nick Carter hanging behind her bed.

“You don’t understand!!!! I love him….” Valerie blurted out, her eyes watering. “Young lady, this has gone far enough. I am going to get through to you, and if this doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will…..” her mother shouted as she strode over to the wall. She grabbed a corner of the poster and tore it, the rip going through Nick’s face until the paper was dangling off of the wall. Valerie shrieked as her mother tore up the posters, tears ran down her face as she watched in disbelief.

“STOP IT!!!!!” she screamed, her brown eyes burning with hatred.

“How can you love this man? Have you ever met him?” her mother yelled as more posters came down, the pieces falling on the floor. Mrs Harrington looked up to see her daughter wielding a baseball bat, a crazed look in her eye. She didn’t have time to scream, the bat swung around and hit her across the face, knocking her to the floor. The bat swung again, and she lay motionless on the carpet as Valerie smiled, drops of blood on her face.

“I love him mom….nothing will stop me from getting what’s mine.” she whispered as she drug her mother’s unconscious body downstairs, making sure she wore gloves just in case….she didn’t bother checking for a pulse. After locking her in the basement, she went about packing for her trip with Kristen tomorrow. She finished, looking up at Nick and smiled contentedly. Nothing would stop her from meeting him, nothing. the concert was less than 24 hours away….and now she had nobody to stop her from claiming what was hers. She showered and changed, burning her clothes to get rid of the evidence before leaving to spend the night at Kristen’s. Valerie didn’t feel like walking, so she stole the car keys from her mother’s purse.

“She won’t need them anymore….” she singsonged as she pulled out of the driveway and drove off into the night.


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