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Chapter 9


“What are you doing back?”

“We brought the broomstick from the witch like you asked…” Nick said, placing the pink bedazzled broom on the ground.

“We killed her….” the Scarecrow drawled meekly.

“Hey, I didn’t kill her. She fell in a damn puddle. Not my fault!” Nick interrupted. There was a giant head in front of them…with two columns of flames on each side.

“Sweet. Okay….come back tomorrow, and I will help you.” Jizzle said…his voice booming in the large room. Nick glared at him, shaking with anger.

“WHAT??” he said, lunging for the large head, but the Lion and the Scarecrow held him back.

“Don’t make him angry.” the Lion cautioned.

“No! This is bullshit! I have been through hell and he tells us to come back tomorrow….I’m gonna kick his ass.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” the Scarecrow said. Nick got free of their grip and stood there, feeling angry. He wanted to get back….he wondered if the other guys missed him or were looking for him. Tyke started barking and ran over to a large black and red curtain nearby, tugging on it.

“The Great Jizzle has SPOKEN! Come back tomorrow!!” the voice boomed again, but as Tyke pulled the curtain, a man stood there. Nick squinted…he recognized the tattoos.


“Aw FUCK. Uh…ignore….ignore the guy behind the curtain..shit.”

“AJ? Are you shitting me? What are you doing here?” Nick demanded, walking over. AJ waved and smiled nervously.

“Uh…funny story actually. When the tornado was coming, We didn’t know where you went to. I was looking for you, and I ended up hanging onto the side of the bus as it was picked up. So it tossed me and I landed near the city. They found me and called me a wizard…”

“Well that explains a few things. So how do I get home now?” Nick asked.

“First thing’s first, both of us need to get home.”

“What about us?” the lion said, and Nick looked at the others.

“You might as well help them too.” he reasoned.

“Uh….” AJ said, shrugging.

“He needs a brain….he needs courage and English lessons…” Nick said, pointing at the Scarecrow and Lion.

“Puta Madre.” the lion said, his eye twitching again.

“He needs to fix that goddamn eye too. That bugs the shit out of me.” Nick said.

“Okay. So you need a brain….wait. If you don’t have a brain, how the fuck do you talk?” AJ asked. The Scarecrow looked confused.

“Never thought about it.” he drawled, crossing his arms.

“Then you must already have one.” AJ said wisely.
“Good point!” the Scarecrow said happily.

“Now what about him? What’s his problem…?” AJ asked…looking at the Tin Man standing nearby. He didn’t move, looking more like a statue than anything else.

“Him? Huh. Well, he doesn’t have a heart, I guess.” Nick said. AJ looked him over, nodding.

“He reminds me of someone….I can’t think of who.”

“Well what can we do to fix him? It’s not like we have hearts lying around or something.” Nick scoffed. He hated how AJ over analyzed things sometimes….he also wondered how he ended up here.

“Hmmm, well I guess you’re boned then now aren’t you?” AJ said.

“Hey…that’s…not….” the Tin Man started.

“We get it. So how do we get home, AJ? I want to go home!” Nick whined.

“I did see a hot air balloon out back but I’m not sure anybody would miss it if we took it…” AJ suggested. Nick wasn’t sure if this was a good idea but he was willing to try anything at this point….he wanted to get back to Florida even if AJ didn’t seem to know what he was doing.


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