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“He’s becoming hard to deal with,”

“What do you suggest? He’s just a boy.” the other man said, as they watched the teenager playing basketball outside of the recording studio.

“Replace him….fire him….drop him, I don’t care. I want that kid gone, Dave. Understand? He’s too young, I am not gonna play babysitter.”

“He’s very talented, if we got rid of the boy it would be a major loss for the group.” Dave explained, but a twinkle appeared in his eye.

“I don’t care, the kid has a major attitude. He’s gonna grow up to be a big problem.”

“I don’t want to fire him….maybe we can get him to quit? Make him want to leave. The other option is to change him….change his behavior and smooth the rough edges.”

“I don’t know what else to do. I tried showing him but he doesn’t take direction. He does as he pleases. There is no respect.” the tall man said, running a hand through his dark hair.

“We are in Europe and away from his parents….he knows nothing about this country. Leave him behind then, if you don’t want him around.” Dave suggested with a grin.

“I don’t know….”

“Trust me. Have I led you wrong before? You said you wanted him gone.”

“Not at the expense of his safety.”

“People change….things change. Remember that.” Dave said as he patted him on the back and walked away.

“Kevin, you want to play with us?” the blonde haired teenager asked, bounding over.

“No, Nick. I have a headache. I’m gonna go lie down.”

“Man, you’re no fun.”

Kevin watched him run back to the court, shaking his head slightly. He regretted the thoughts going through his mind right now, but he felt that Nick was in danger if he stayed….there had to be a way to get him to leave. He knew what was being plotted, why they had chosen Nick…..he hated himself for lying to the boy. He sighed as he sat down on the bed of his hotel room….this was the beginning of the end…..and he wondered if he had chosen the right side


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