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Gambling With Death


Nick and Brian had felt each other drifting away since the NKOTBSB tour began…Brian’s new bromance with Joey had put yet another strain on their relationship. So when Brian had suggested they go golfing, Nick jumped at the chance.

“I’m glad you asked me to come, Brian. This is fun.” Nick said as they got to the eighth hole. The sky above them had been threatening to rain all day and thunder rumbled in the distance.

“That’s great, Nick…but I think we should be heading in. It looks like rain and I gotta meet Leighanne for dinner at the hotel.” Brian pointed out as the clouds rolled in. He could have sworn he saw a flash of lightening not far away.

“Where’s your sense of adventure, Rok? We don’t have long to go.” Nick smiled as they got into the golf cart end went to the ninth hole. The sky had gotten darker and more threatening. Brian and Nick stood on the putting range, Nick holding his club and deciding what his strategy would be. This hole was surrounded by trees…large trees and bushes.

“I have a bad feeling, Nick…we should really quit for today.” Brian urged as he heard thunder again.

“We should make the game a bit more interesting…spice it up.” Nick replied, completely ignoring him.

“What do you mean?” Brian asked. He loved a good competition and hated to lose, Nick knew this about him and took complete advantage.

“I bet I can’t make this shot. 1,000 bucks if I don’t get near the hole.” Nick grinned. Brian shook his head and he felt raindrops, but could not resist the challenge.

“You’re on, Carter.” he smirked. Nick held his club up high, his smile wide like the Cheshire Cat as he prepared his shot. Suddenly a loud clap of thunder startled them followed by a flash of lightening.

“Nick, watch out!!!” Brian shouted as the tree next to him cracked at the bottom. The tree fell on Nick, slicing his body like lunchmeat at the deli. A tree limb pierced through eye and neck…blood dripping onto the green grass. Nick’s lifeless hand dropped the club and Brian frantically called for help…in shock at what he just witnessed as the thunderstorm brewed around him, washing Nick’s blood away.


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