Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 33


Nick walked up to Amanda’s house and rang the doorbell, feeling tense. His nerves were shot, he was about to go on his first date at nearly 21 years old. He waited for a few moments, tapping his foot nervously on the wooden deck before the door finally opened.

“Oh, hi…Tracy’s on her way downstairs.” Amanda said. Tracy was staying with her for the time being while she looked for a place to live in Oceanview. After meeting Nick at Amanda’s wedding, she decided she wanted to get to know him more and move to Florifa from New Jersey.

“So how’s married life?” Nick asked, following Amanda to the living room.

“It’s going fine.” Amanda lied. In reality she was regretting marrying Lance in the first place and wondering why she hadn’t run off to Hawaii with Nick.

“I’m ready to go, Nick.”

Nick turned and saw her standing there across the room. He smiled, taking in her appearance. She wore jeans and a tank top…simple makeup and a bandanna in her dark blonde hair. Nick liked this about Tracy….she didn’t like to show off. She was similar in personality to Amanda, however more reserved like he was.

“All right…let’s do this.” Nick said, taking her by the arm. He drove a little outside of Miami…just about a half hour or so away.

“Where are we going?” Tracy asked, smiling at him. While Amanda was thin, Tracy was a little fuller figured. She wasn’t fat…she just had curves. She was a bit shyer and more soft spoken than Amanda as well.

“You’ll see.”

Nick brought her to a go kart track not far from Miami. He had no idea if Tracy would even like this, but it was something he liked to do.

“I don’t know if you’re into this sort of thing-”

“Go Karts! I love go karts, Nick! How did you know?” she said excitedly. Nick smiled at her and they went to the track. They had a fun day….going to an arcade afterwards. Nick really enjoyed himself, he hadn’t had time to relax since he worked so hard. Nick brought pizza to their table and Tracy smiled at him, she thought he was such a gentleman.

“Thanks for taking me out today, Nick. I am having a great time with you.” she said, taking a bite of the pizza and grinning.

“I’m having fun too.” he told her. He was really enjoying her company but all he could think about was Amanda. He drove her back to Amanda’s and they sat in the car for a while, talking.

“So have you had a boyfriend before?” Nick asked. Tracy was the same age as Amanda, they had been friends a long time. Nick didn’t really want to come between the two girls but he was attracted to both of them.

“I had one back home but it wasn’t a serious thing. I like spending time with you, Nick.” Tracy replied, taking his hand. They looked into each other’s eyes and before Nick knew what he was doing….he kissed her. She deepened the exchange, sucking on his bottom lip slightly as he held her and kept going. Nick couldn’t believe he let it go this long, but she didn’t seem to want to stop. She continued kissing and Nick thought back to when he went to New York with Amanda…the kiss they shared in the hotel room. All of these things ran through his mind and he finally pulled away from Tracy, backing up.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, blinking at him. Nick looked away and blushed…he felt as if he had cheated on Amanda letting himself falling for another girl.

“Nothing. Want me to walk you to the door?” Nick asked, clearing his throat as she looked at him skeptically.

“No…but I had fun tonight, Nick. I’d like to see you again sometime if that’s all right.” Tracy said, holding his hand. He looked uncomfortable and she wished she knew what was on his mind at that moment.

‘I’d like that too.” Nick said. He kissed her hand gently and watched her walk into the house.

“Fucking hell.” Nick muttered, slamming his fist on the steering wheel in frustration. Should he keep holding on for Amanda or pursue his interest in Tracy?


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