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Chapter 26


Howie smiled when he saw Brian and AJ pulling into his driveway the next day, he was already opening the door before they even buzzed at the gate.

“How did you know?” AJ asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I figured you would come by today. What did you guys find out?” Howie asked, letting the two of them in.

“Well, Lucy and Valerie are the same person. Her friend Kristen told us quite a bit. We actually had an idea….Since she had a VIP…” Brian started.

“It was my idea, let me tell him!” AJ shouted.

“Okay…..FINE. You tell him then.”

“If she had a VIP, she is in our fan club. Which means we could get her address off of our website!” AJ said, grinning.

“I told you that it wouldn’t work, she moved….remember?” Brian argued.

“Yes it would…” AJ protested.

“No, it wouldn’t.”

“You’re just jealous cause I thought of it.”

The two of them argued until Howie cleared his throat.

“Guys…” he shouted, almost sounding like another person they knew. He glared at them so not one of them dared comparing him to anyone.

“Sorry.” they said in unison. AJ sat down on the couch looking defeated.

“Now what are we going to do?” he sighed.

“AJ is on to something. I actually had thought of this after our meeting and took the liberty of searching for her myself with Jenn’s help.” Howie explained.

“Awesome. So she did change her address?” Brian asked. Howie held up a printout and gave it to Brian, smiling.

“She did. She lives in Tampa…We found out she changed the address right before Nick was kidnapped. He has to be there.” he told them.

“Let’s go kick her ass then and get Nick back!” AJ said, standing up.

“Jay, we have to have a plan first. We don’t know what we’re up against….” Brian protested. He wanted to go as much as AJ, but they didn’t know what would be waiting for them when they got to Valerie’s house, or even if Nick would be there. He was sure that’s where Nick was…he had to be.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you think of checking the fan club?” Brian asked after they had discussed what to do next.

“Jay said that this Valerie girl was at our meet and greet for VIP at a show. Well, since only fan club members can order VIP packages…”

“She had to be registered at our website!” AJ interrupted excitedly.

“Basically, yes. I had Jenn help me look into it and we found her. She had changed her address, and I saw she lives right near Nick’s house.” Howie said with a knowing smile.

“Well, are we gonna go or not?” AJ asked, looking at the two of them expectantly.

“We don’t know if he will be there…” Howie said. He was right, Valerie had left them a trail to find her, it could be a dead end…but again, it might not be.

“There’s no harm in checking it out. I think all of us should go there…tonight.” Brian suggested. He felt they were finally getting somewhere and Nick was as good as found…but it was the possibility it might be too late that kept clouding his mind…and he hated it.


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