Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 5


Flying deathtrap…this is a flying deathtrap….

Nick was scared to death of flying…he had never been on an airplane before, so when the plane ascended he felt his heart pounding. He dared not look out of the window next to him, beads of sweat forming on his forehead as he felt a panic attack coming on. All of a sudden he felt Amanda touch his hand, placing hers on top. He looked at her and she smiled.

“It will be okay, Nicky.” she whispered kindly. Nick smiled back, his heartbeat slowing a bit. He definitely felt calmer with her there to help him.

“I gotta use the bathroom.” he said about halfway through the flight.

“The bathrooms are over there,” Amanda whispered, pointing. Nick got up and slowly walked to the bathroom. He was. surprised how small they were and felt his heart quicken again. Nick usually never closed doors when he went into a room, The fact that the enclosed space was so small was making his heart race.

“Relax, Nick…it will be over soon.” he coached himself. All of a sudden the small room began to shake….the plane was shaking. Nick gripped the wall with both hands and slumped to the floor. The shaking was violent. He felt his breath catch in his throat and his chest tighten. Hot tears rolled down Nick’s face as the plane rocked and he thought they were crashing. He would never make the audition, he was going to die in an airplane bathroom. After a while, he reemerged… wiping his eyes as he walked back over to Amanda.

“Are you okay?” Amanda asked, worried as she saw his expression.

“I just had a panic attack. Why was the plane shaking?” he replied.

“Just a bit of turbulence.” Amanda explained.

“A BIT?” he said a little louder than he had intended as Amanda giggled. She liked traveling with him…he was so new to everything and it made a simple trip to New Jersey exciting again. She was looking forward to being back in her home state…seeing her childhood home. Amanda loved Florida but there was something about Jersey that she missed and couldn’t put her finger on.

“Passengers, we are beginning our descent into Newark Liberty Airport. Please fasten your seatbelts as we prepare for landing.” a voice came over the speakers. Amanda and Nick got off the plane and went to find their luggage. People gave Nick a funny look as he walked over to the luggage claim because he was wearing shorts and a t shirt.

“What are they looking at me like that for?” Nick asked, feeling self conscious. He didn’t like when people stared at him, it made him feel uneasy and nervous.

“Nick, its 40 degrees outside. You look like you don’t belong here…Jersey is colder than Florida. Are you sure you paid attention in school?” Amanda teased. Once they got their bags, Nick ducked into a bathroom and changed to jeans and a sweatshirt.

“Better?” he asked, grinning and feeling warmer. Amanda just smiled. The two of them got a taxi and headed out.

“Where are we staying, anyway?” Nick asked, not taking his eyes off of the windows. New Jersey seemed like a whole different world than back home, everything was new to him. There were pine trees instead of palm trees and he couldn’t see the ocean. Then there was the cold. It was almost winter and Nick was not used to this cold weather.

“My parents house.” Amanda said as they drove into Landing. Nick liked the town, it was peaceful like back home. Amanda’s house made him feel safe as they parked in the driveway and got their bags. They went into the house and Nick was greeted with a picture of Amanda on the wall, wearing a frilly red dress and smiling. Amanda blushed when she saw it and turned it so the picture faced the wall.

“Sorry about that.” Amanda apologized, feeling humiliated. There were lots of pictures of her lining the walls, Nick stopped to look at each one.

“There are so many pictures…” he muttered.

“My parents go a little crazy with them. This is a bit awkward.” she said, her face turning red.

“I like them. It means they are proud of you. My mom never hung up pictures of me.” Nick explained, and Amanda felt relieved. She loved how understanding he was and didn’t care how many baby photos were up of her. The two of them settled in and Amanda decided that they would take a nap for a bit first and go to NY to check out where RCA was. Nick wasn’t tired but he sat in his bedroom….Amanda’s old bedroom. He decided to call AJ.

“What’s up?” AJ asked on the third ring.

“Just letting you know I landed. We are at her parents house. She said they are away on a trip so we are staying here.” Nick replied with a grin.

“Dude, you’re alone with her? Now is your shot.” AJ said. Nick frowned at his phone. He hadn’t been planning anything with Amanda on this trip, they were only there for his audition.

“Come on, man. She has a boyfriend.” Nick scoffed.

“Nick…this is your chance to steal her away. Make her see you are better for her,” AJ laughed. Nick considered this but immediately got defensive.

“That’s not why I asked her to come.”

“Just make her notice you. Do little things. Chicks love that crap.” AJ instructed as if he were Nick’s coach.

“I dunno….I am not good at the romance stuff. If I was, she would be with me already.” Nick protested, remembering what had happened at prom. He laid down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling…his feet dangling off the edge of the bed.

“Nick….you got it in you. Just be yourself and screw everybody else. Follow your heart, I know its corny of me to say…but it will lead you right. Make me proud.” AJ said before they hung up. Nick closed his phone and sighed, he wished things weren’t so complicated. He did like Amanda but he didn’t want her to feel like he had only asked her on the trip to seduce her. Even that thought made him uneasy as he fell asleep, dreaming of his record deal and hoping everything would work out.


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