Blue Starlight Fanfiction

Chapter 25


Amanda had been on the road with Nick for almost two months. After the incident with the manager, Everything seemed to work out just fine. Nick was happier. Amanda said goodbye and flew home to Florida. Since she had come back early, Nick said she could stay with AJ until she went back to school. On the second day back…Lance showed up at the house with a bouquet of roses for her. He knew exactly what he was doing. Lance wanted Amanda for himself.

Nick and JC were in Japan on tour. He had fallen in love with the country almost at once….it reminded him of New York. Nick had been on tour for a while now and it was almost over. JC was in talks with his management to maybe get Nick to open for the US leg of his tour as well. Nick liked the idea but he missed his friends and especially Amanda. It was her he missed most and being away from her….Nick realized he never wanted to be away from her again.

“JC? Can I ask you something?” Nick said one morning when they were sightseeing in Tokyo.

“Sure, Nick.”

“What do you think of Amanda and me? Do you think she’s good for me?” Nick asked. The two men stopped in front of a jewelry store. Nick looked at the rings in the display case and his eyes fell upon a silver band with a diamond in the middle. It was perfect.

“Amanda’s a great girl and I know she makes you happy. You two would be perfect together. JC watched Nick as he looked at the ring in the window.

“You’re not thinking of asking her to marry you are you?” he asked. Nick smiled, nodding slowly.

“I’m in love with Amanda. I can’t imagine her not being in my life…I’m gonna tell her how I feel when I get back home.” he explained. Nick had been planning the moment for the last week and a half, rehearsing the speech he was going to make. He wanted it to be perfect. Nick knew Amanda would be happy once she heard him say the three magic words.

“That’s great, Nick.”

“I think she loves me back…..I gotta tell her.”

“So when did you realize how you felt? I know you and her have known each other for a long time.” JC said. He knew Amanda and Nick would end up together but now did not seem like the right time. Nick’s career was just beginning…everything was happening all at once.

“Amanda was my first kiss……and she….she chose me to be her first.” Nick whispered. He smiled as he remembered prom night…he had a history with her. Lance couldn’t compete with that.

“You slept with her?” JC asked. Nick grinned again.

“She’s wonderful….I want to ask her to marry me. I love her.” he replied.

“Nick…that’s really sweet and all….but you never went on a date with her. Maybe you should stop and think about this first.” JC said as Nick went into the jewelry store.

“No, I know what I’m doing. Amanda will be so surprised when she sees this.” Nick said. JC couldn’t help but think he was making a big mistake.

The next morning Lance and Joey were playing basketball, they tried to hang out once in a while. Joey debated about what he was going to tell him…but he decided he had to.

“Lance…how are things with you and Amanda? Did she agree to move in with you?”

“It went so good. I got her wrapped around my finger. She will forget about him when I am done.” Lance smiled, going for the rebound.

“I don’t know. I heard AJ talking to him on the phone. Nick’s going to propose.” Joey said. Lance stopped mid jump and missed the basket completely.

“WHAT?” he said, lunging for Joey’s shirt.

“Hey….don’t kill the messenger. Nick told AJ that he’s proposing. He bought her a ring, bro.” Joey said, his brown eyes wide and fearful. Lance let go of him and practically growled with anger.

“How could this happen?” he said shakily. Joey set the ball down and ran a hand through his hair.

“I told you he loves her. He won’t stop until he is with Amanda. Got to admire his spirit.” he said with a smile. Joey didn’t want to be a snitch but Lance was his best friend.

“Well, I will take care of his spirit, don’t worry. When I’m done with Nick Carter….he will never go near her again.” Lance snapped. He had a few more tricks up his sleeve. After all, all was fair in love and war. Amanda did not have a ring on her finger…and Lance was determined to make sure he beat Nick to it.


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