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Chapter 10


“Open your eyes now before you get hurt.” – Princess and The Frog

I was so undecided about what Howie had offered me. On one hand, being in a frat could help me…..but again it could hurt me as well. I spent a lot of time thinking about it as I went over some sketches I made while in Orlando during break. I was doing really well in my classes and having a good time as well, we were doing some life drawings with models this week.

I am not complaining. The girl we had to draw was pretty hot.

Brian was studying a lot, he had to memorize a bunch of things for his agricultural class that he was taking, and he had a test coming up. I don’t know the first thing about farming, it just seems like a lot of work from how he described it.

So here we are, spending another weekend in our dorm studying while others were at parties and doing normal college things. It would be worth it in the end, I hoped. I really wanted to be an animator and this is what I chose to do.

“Nick, I’m bored.” Brian commented.

“I thought you had to study.” I said, putting down my Game Boy. I’d taken to playing Tetris when I needed a break from studying and it helped relieve some stress a bit.

Side effect was that afterwards I could not look at a tiled floor the same way again.

“I do, but I want to do something fun. We haven’t done much since college started.” he said.

“Where are you going with this?” I asked.

“We should see a movie. Like at the movie theater.” Brian suggested. I thought about it, I hardly went to the movies unless there was a new Disney one out. Kevin and I had seen Mulan earlier this year. I liked it, it was pretty good and I enjoyed the music.

“Which one?”

“You pick.”

I opened the newspaper sitting on the table…..nothing really appealed to me but the new Adam Sandler movie. I had seen a preview while back in Orlando and it looked really funny, it was about a guy playing college football.

“How about The Waterboy?” I asked.

“Sounds good to me, I love Adam Sandler. We can go see it at 9.” he said. I let him finish studying and went for a walk.

It was pretty quiet on campus that night, I stuffed my hands in my pockets and enjoyed the fresh air.

“Yo! Nick!”

I looked up to see Howie running over. This was odd because AJ never asked me anything himself, he always sent Howie to find me. I personally felt like Howie was the one running the show when AJ wasn’t paying attention.

Either that, or he was too drunk to pay attention.

“Hi.” I said. I kept walking and he matched my pace before moving in front, blocking my path.

“Look. AJ isn’t gonna wait anymore. We want you to join.” he told me sternly.

“I’m not so sure….I mean you took out your issues with Brian on me before at the Halloween party.” I snapped. Did he really think I was that dumb?

“You have a legacy to uphold with the Pikas. We can help you….put a good word in with the animation studio. Brock’s uncle works for Disney. He can get you in.” Howie winked. My ears kind of perked up at this, but my guard was not down yet.

“I’m not taking an easy way out, Howie. I want to earn that internship, not have anything handed to me. My father would have wanted it that way.” I said.

Howie seemed impressed, he nodded his head and rubbed at his chin.

“Okay, Disney…..about your father. He was a Pika. Did you know this? You have a legacy with the frat. He’s well known among the brothers, that’s why AJ wanted you in the first place. His dad was a Pika too. It’s fate.” he said softly. I wondered for a moment if what he said was true. I also didn’t like him calling me Disney.

“Why doesn’t AJ talk to me himself? He has a mouth, doesn’t he?” I said as I rolled my eyes at him.

“I’m his vice chairman. I have to go and find members, it’s my duty to the frat. If you want to talk to him, come with me. I’ll take you to see AJ and you can ask for yourself.” Howie offered. I stood there for a minute, thinking. It couldn’t hurt to go and see AJ.

Brian could wait, couldn’t he?

“So where is he?” I asked when we got to the frat house. The place was a mess and it smelled like dog shit. It was rancid. My stomach was doing backflips.

“Before you see AJ, you need to do some things to prove yourself.” Howie winked. Here we go. I knew there was a fucking catch.


He was holding up a french maid’s uniform. Why do they always want me to dress in women’s clothes? These guys are freaks.

“Hell no.” I said, heading for the door, but Brock and Gary blocked the way. Brock shoved me to the floor and Howie threw the uniform at me.

“You have 2 hours to clean the place up, kid. You can’t leave or miss anything… has to be cleaned perfectly. If you fail, there will be consequences.” he smirked. I was fuming, I ran at him but Brock pushed me again.

“Don’t cross me, Disney. I can make your life hell.” Howie sneered. I reluctantly went to go and put the maid outfit on…..when I came out, the brothers stood there laughing at me. Some were even taking Polaroids. My eyes almost watered but I wouldn’t let them get to me.

As I cleaned, they cat called and threw things…..all I could think about was just finishing so I could leave. I wanted nothing to do with them….the house was a horrendous mess. I swear, there was vomit….human shit….animal shit, it was the worst I could have ever imagined. Halfway through Howie stood in the door, laughing at me.

“Hey, Disney…, there is a way you can get out of this.”

“What is it? Nothing is worth this shit,” I said, throwing down the towel. The skirt was riding up my ass too much for my liking.

He held up a razor.

“No fucking way. I’m not shaving my head.” I protested.

“Not yours. Brian looks like he could use a haircut….why don’t you help him along?”

I stared at him in shock, he stood there smirking at me and relishing my humiliation.

“Are you kidding me?” I shouted, standing up.


“I’m not doing that.”

Brock was now in the doorway too, which was a damn miracle considering he’s twice the size of Howie. I never noticed before how tiny Howie was… could someone so small be such a douchebag?

“You’ll do what we tell you.” Howie barked. I got in his face and looked him dead in the eye.

“Listen here. You may treat me like shit up and down but I will NOT do anything to Brian just because he stole your girlfriend. You’ve been an ass since I started rushing this frat, and I don’t give a fuck who was in it before me because I quit!!” I screamed. They all busted out laughing, jeering about my maid’s outifit.

“Y’all can kiss my rosy white ass!” I said, lifting up the skirt and pulling down my underwear, mooning them. I stormed off, picking up the bag with my clothes in it and walked out.

I didn’t care if I was dressed as a maid, it felt wonderful to finally tell the douchebags off.

What a fucking night.


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